Gilbert & Gaillard: The french experts on wine


Our multimedia group is dedicated to promoting and recommending quality wines mirroring the expertise of passionate men and women and encapsulating sense of place.

The group was founded in 1989 by Philippe Gaillard and François Gilbert who began their career as series directors for publishing house Presses de la Cité. In 1991, they began to publish their own guides and magazines. Today they head a multimedia group dedicated to wine that has offices in 22 countries. The Gilbert & Gaillard group is totally independent and wholly owned by its founders.

The Founders

Philippe Gaillard

Philippe Gaillard : Born into a winemaking family in Touraine in the Loire valley, Philippe studied winemaking and oenology and later became the sales director of a major French wine distributor. He has run the Gilbert & Gaillard group since 1989.

François Gilbert

François Gilbert : With a PhD and higher teacher diploma in geography, François rapidly specialised in the study of wine terroirs. After teaching for 15 years, he decided to focus entirely on his passion for wine. He has run the Gilbert & Gaillard group since 1989.

The team

  • Sylvain Patard

    Sylvain Patard : After studying literature, Sylvain got his start in wine in 1986 by organizing a wine tasting and buying club at the magazine where he worked at the time. In 1994, he joined Gilbert & Gaillard and is now editor-in-chief of the group’s magazine and wine guides.

  • Etienne Gaillard

    Etienne Gaillard : Etienne has an MSc in International Trade in Wine and Spirits and helped establish a wholesale company before joining the team in 2019 as Sales Manager


  • Frédéric Comet

    Frédéric Comet : A staunch advocate for Bordeaux and its wines, Frédéric joined the Gilbert & Gaillard team in 2009. Based in Gironde, he is responsible for the Bordeaux and Charentes areas.

  • Nicolas Sanseigne

    Nicolas Sanseigne : Nicolas holds a technical and commercial BTS diploma in wines and spirits, and has been a member of the Gilbert & Gaillard team since 2009. Based in Montpellier, he is the area manager for Corsica, Languedoc, the Rhone Valley and Provence.

  • Lucie Jeandel

    Lucie Jeandel : Lucie studied hotel and restauration and then she specialized in the wine sector. She obtained a technical and commercial BTS – wines and spirits - in 2003 in Alsace and exercised for 8 years as sales manager for restaurants in her region. Currently, she took in charge Alsace, Beaujolais and Champagne regions at Gilbert & Gaillard group.

  • Caroline Gilbert

    Caroline Gilbert : After 10 years in the Middle East, Caroline joined the Gilbert & Gaillard team in 2019, using her experience both internationally and gastronomically. She has successively held the positions of Sales Manager and then Managing Director of Classic Fine Foods United Arab Emirates specializing in the import and distribution of gourmet products.


  • Sandra Sirvente

    Sandra Sirvente : Sandra is originally from Calabria but her career has been anything but typical and has taken her across the globe. She returned to France and joined the Gilbert & Gaillard team in 2018 as regional manager for Italy.


  • Thibault Leray

    Thibault Leray : Thibault has an MBA in Wine Marketing & Management. After several experiences abroad, including two years in Barcelona, he joined Gilbert & Gaillard as sales manager for Spain and Portugal. He actively promotes Spanish and Portuguese wines awarded medals in the Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge in export markets.

South Africa

  • Petru Venter

    Petru Venter : With a master's degree in science, Petru originally trained in international commerce, leading her to spend 7 years working in the wine industry. She joined Gilbert & Gaillard in June 2018. She is based at our offices in Stellenbosch where she works as regional manager for South Africa.

  • Olivier Duroy

    Olivier Duroy : After a career as a financial analyst, Olivier completed a Master of Science in Wine and Spirits Management in Bordeaux. He is now in charge of the South African market for Gilbert & Gaillard and has been based in Stellenbosch since 2019.

South America

  • Martin Guerrero

    Martin Guerrero : Franco-Chilean Martin is passionate about wines and spirits and joined the Gilbert & Gaillard team in 2020 after a career where he was involved in first promoting Chilean Pisco then fine French foods. At Gilbert & Gaillard, Martin handles the group’s activities in South America.

PR & Marketing

  • Ouria Belghit

    Ouria Belghit : After graduating with a master's degree in Project Management & Digital Marketing, Ouria then turned to graphic design. She is passionate about wine, new technologies and digital developments and joined the Gilbert & Gaillard team in 2020.

Administrative staff